Implement & Enhance

Whether you are implementing a new system or you already have processes in place, we can help you get the most out of your investment by adding features that really add value.

When implementing a new system, we believe a key to making your application work for you is Prototyping, Prototyping, Prototyping! If you can see and experience from the beginning how the application will feel, you will get a much better sense as to what will – or will not – work for you.

We generally spend more time on ensuring both you and we (as your consulting partner) are talking about the same thing and that we are progressing in the same direction from the get-go! This allows us to expedite build and user acceptance testing since the effort to change things during a later phase in the project is minimal.

Our specialty, though, is to transform your application in a “Phase 2” implementation by identifying enhancements that support your business processes and add real value. We can also help you if you are not satisfied with system performance, data integration or the amount and complexity of manual tasks.

Assess & Recommend

With the experience from many implementations we can lend you our keen eye and together we can embark on the journey to improving your performance!

We begin with a review of your application and overall environment so we have a full understanding of the design, considering that sometimes a complicated process requires to deviate from best practices – we don’t want to redesign a process only to find later on that there was a specific reason to build it exactly as is.

The next step is typically a series of interviews with the key stakeholders to get their individual opinions on what works great and what should be redesigned.

Getting the input from various team members helps us to determine the significance of the different features we would recommend. Since your system is already live and frequently in use, we are typically applying the Agile methodology as it allows to focus on smaller pieces at a time and ensures that each enhancement is implemented in a timely manner and fully tested.

Educate & Support

Our consultants have written and delivered professional training courses both for 123Olap (the leading Oracle EPM training provider) as well as the Hands-on labs at two KScope conferences with 50+ users in each session. The benefit for our customers is that all training content is based on real world examples and we can discuss pros and cons to provide you reliable advice for your questions.

We also offer extended support to our existing customers so they never feel left alone after we finish a project.

We also offer our 11th Hour Support. This support option is available to any organization that find itself in dire straights and is in need of expert advice with no time to loose!

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