Planning & Analysis

Preparing for future market and organizational developments can seem like a daunting task. It requires collaboration among the various functions which are often spread across entities all over the world. To establish purposeful plans which can act as tactical guidelines for operational, market and investment strategies often requires immense amounts of time and effort.

Effective planning processes typically leverage driver-based models which are focused on relevant performance indicators. Identifying the factors which impact net income and other needed measures for a sustaining business is at the essence of any successful organization. Frequent forecasts take operational results into account to react to changing market conditions and realign operational activities based on actual performance.

FinTech Innovations has created the solutions for its customers to achieve the following results:

  • Driver-based planning model with integrated sales and workforce modules
  • Manually allocated responsibility-based project plan is fully automated, reducing refresh from 2 person days to 1 hour
  • Synchronization between various BSO and ASO cubes to finalize versions and seed actuals
  • Variance analysis provides details on over-/under-achievements
  • Statistical model generates Forecast with 40% higher accuracy than manual forecasts to be used as a baseline for finalizing forecasts in a shortened forecasting cycle (note: this service is provided by one of our partners)

Associated software:

  • Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
  • Hyperion Planning (Workforce, Capex)
  • Hyperion Public Sector Planning & Budgeting (PSPB)
  • OneStream XF