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Finance Transformation Reimagined

ICE Cloud – The Integration Platform that delivers Integrated, Compliant and Validated Financial Data

Are you a Finance Innovator?

Finance Transformation encompasses a broad range of challenges.
Here are three common goals to get started. 

Incremental Innovations
& Accelerators

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You have existing processes and are looking for improvements in specific areas. Rather than making a lot of changes, you need a cost-effective solution for a few problems.
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Migration to the Cloud / Hybrid Deployment

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You know the migration path for your EPM application, but you're skeptical about integration and automation as your entire infrastructure will change.
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Holistic Innovation/ Strategic Transformation

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You know from experience that best of breed packages aren’t delivering the results you are looking for. You need a solution that doesn’t slow you down but helps you grow efficiently.
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ICE Cloud – The Finance Transformation Platform

ICE Cloud is the Integration Platform for Finance Transformation teams and effective Finance Innovators.

It delivers a vision of building innovative finance processes by automating complex business processes which result in integrated, compliant and validated financial data AT ANY POINT IN TIME.

Our approach is different from other vendors on the market as we focus on user interaction, more intuitive data transformation capabilities as well as built-in data quality mechanisms. Our AppIntel modules expedite any development activities by days, weeks or months.

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ICE Cloud - Connectors - Oracle EPM - Workday - ADP - Anaplan - Microsoft 365 Dynamics - Blackline - Host Analytics

Here are two very simple videos so you can get to know ICE Cloud

Key Resources: Finance Innovators excel with
a Strategy that boosts their Productivity

Key Resources

An Integration Strategy is a high-level plan to build a sustainable integration solution for your EPM and Finance Transformation initiatives. It defines principles and techniques which provide a clear path throughout all growth stages of your Finance Transformation journey.

These reduce the effort throughout the entire application lifecycle significantly and free up resources to focus on other means to achieve the aspired goals.


At FinTech Innovations, we combine Software-as-a-Service solutions with more than 15 years of consulting experience at Fortune 500 companies and Small & Medium-sized Businesses.

Let us help you develop an easy-to-use Integration Strategy so you can get on the Fast Track for your EPM initiatives.

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