ICE Cloud - the Finance Transformation Platform

ICE Cloud is a Finance Transformation Platform built for Finance & Accounting, building your competitive advantage.

Unlike other integration solutions, ICE Cloud helps our customers to build their processes based on a tailored integration strategy. With ICE Cloud, your solutions will grow with your requirements. Also you will be able to accelerate your implementation and reduce the maintenance effort by:

  • Managing Data, Metadata & Mappings consistently
  • Validating Data across all Applications
  • Following a transparent Audit Trail
  • Leveraging Best Practices with AppIntel modules
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Financial Data Integration & Automation Excellence

ICE Cloud stands for Integrated, Compliant & Efficient CloudData Integration, Automation and Data Quality Excellence for Finance & Accounting that supports your Digital Transformation journey, building your competitive advantage.

Integration & Automation – Simplify Managing Data, Metadata & Mappings

  • Build transparent integration processes in minutes without writing a single line of code
  • Configure advanced automations with an easy-to-use “Point & Click” user interface
  • Seamlessly integrate, orchestrate and harmonize critical data of all your applications

Audit & Compliance – Reduce and Control Risk, Data Validation across all your Applications

  • Proactively monitor quality of data and metadata of all applications
  • Leverage built-in audit trails & reports for process execution and application changes
  • Create transparent processes with automatic reporting to increase confidence

Efficiency & Transparency – Improve Business Performance & increase Agility

  • Quickly adapt to changing business requirements just by configuration
  • Reduce maintenance, simplify migrations and expedite troubleshooting
  • Automate manual tasks leveraging built-in robotics and out-of-the-box intelligence

User-friendly & intuitive, ICE Cloud reduces your risk while increasing agility and operational excellence, with the assurance of seamlessly integrated, validated & compliant data AT ANY POINT IN TIME.

Manage & Validate Your Data

Integrate all your Applications

ICE Cloud supports a wide range of applications for 

  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM/CPM),
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
  • Human Capital Management (HCM),
  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics,
  • Relational databases, Collaboration, Files etc.

With ICE Cloud, you can seamlessly integrate and automate all your processes in just one intuitive and user-friendly application.


Here is an overview of our most popular applications > > >

ICE Cloud - Connectors - Oracle EPM - Workday - ADP - Anaplan - Microsoft 365 Dynamics - Blackline - Host Analytics
Key Features

Intuitive Workflow Builder

Users can create powerful workflows with ICE Cloud’s Point-and-Click Integration Builder. By combining basic tasks and “AppIntel” tasks, our users are building processes which are tailored to their exact requirements. This can be done without writing a single line of code, but also has the flexibility to write and embed custom code if desired. 

In addition, ICE Cloud’s Flow Control feature allows to implement robust error handling, send notifications to the appropriate audience and provides the essential details to take immediate action.

ICE Cloud - Integration Builder
ICE Cloud - Application Intelligence

"AppIntel" Modules

ICE Cloud’s Application Intelligence (“AppIntel”) modules are game changers for implementing integration and automation processes. These pre-built components are based on proven best practices. In addition, ICE Cloud has deep knowledge about your applications. 

The result: what would take weeks or months to implement without ICE Cloud can be achieved via drag & drop or by checking a box. 

AppIntel modules not only reduce the implementation effort significantly, but also simplify the overall data management processes.

Spreadsheet Concept

The “Spreadsheet Concept” is another feature to empower our users to build outstanding solutions. It allows to manage data from ANY source system (files, databases, web applications) in the same way. Users can easily combine and transform datasets without having to worry about the underlying technology. 

If you know how to work in Excel or with databases, you’ll manage data with ICE Cloud in no time.

ICE Cloud - Spreadesheet Concept
ICE Cloud - Process Monitor

Transparent Logs & Changes

Detailed execution logs for all your processes are maintained and organized in ICE Cloud. Users can find sessions quickly and “Guided Troubleshooting” enables users to identify any error with just a few clicks. Logs can be exported easily to answer audit and compliance requests.

Migrating ICE Cloud processes to upper environments can be accomplished with just one click. ICE Cloud not only tracks all application changes, but it also allows users to compare and restore versions – even across environments!

Compliance, efficiency and transparency features are built into the core framework of ICE Cloud.

System Migration & Validation

With ICE Cloud’s powerful data management capabilities, it is the perfect solution for supporting system migrations:

  • It allows to easily migrate data from a legacy system to a new system, using its powerful mapping and transformation capabilities
  • The audit trail provides answer to how exactly data was processed
  • Data Validations identify data discrepancies automatically and ensure that you will find any data issues before your users will
ICE Cloud - Validations
Run EPM Processes from Anywhere

Access via Mobile Devices

With ICE Cloud, there is no need to log on to a server and run a script manually. Just pull your phone out of your pocket or use the iPad while sitting on the couch.

You can start any process and monitor the status. Wait on the email notification and view all logs and output files – directly from your mobile device.

ICE Cloud provides seamlessly Integrated, Compliant and Validated Financial Data

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ICE Cloud Community Edition

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