12 Factors for Finance Transformation Success in 2020

A new decade just started and we all know that Finance Transformation will be a key discipline for organizations to stay competitive as it will allow them to increase efficiency and adapt to changing business requirements more quickly. 12 Success Factors for Impactful Finance Transformation In this article we are focusing on the success factors … Read more

Integration Challenges as EPM Environments Evolve

Summary: As the importance of EPM environments increases, more and more data sources need to be interfaced with. Many organizations solve this problem by building point-to-point integrations. What they often don’t realize early on is that their environment will become very hard to maintain over time. This article describes how EPM integration challenges evolve over … Read more

Avoid Growing Pains with an EPM Integration Strategy

Summary: An EPM Integration Strategy is one of the most important factors to consider if you plan to grow your EPM environment. While it doesn’t seem important when starting your first EPM project, not having a solid integration strategy will result in significant problems thoughout the EPM life cycle. Unfortunately, EPM customers often overlook this … Read more

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