ICE Cloud for FP&A

With the growing amount of finance data and the necessity to expedite the delivery of validated accurate financial data, Finance Managers and Directors are increasingly concerned about the complexity of their automation and integration processes, the amount of custom code and how their solution is perceived from an Audit & Compliance perspective.

ICE Cloud is a revolutionary Integration & Automation platform that gives control back to the Finance teams to build a fully integrated and compliant system that is easy to maintain, operate and troubleshoot, boosting performance with seamless integration, automated data validations and expedited processing of all your applications.

ICE Cloud – Transforming your Finance Systems







ICE Cloud enables Finance teams to be more agile and achieve operational excellence through:

Integration & Automation – Simplifying your Data Management and Improving Transparency

  • Create tailored processes in minutes without writing a single line of code
  • Configure advanced automation with an easy-to-use “Point & Click” user interface
  • Boost your performance with expedited & seamlessly integrated financial data processing of all your applications

Audit & Compliance – Reducing and Controlling your Risk

  • Proactively monitor and validate data of interconnected applications
  • Built-in audit trails for process execution and application changes
  • Create transparent processes, ensuring compliance

Efficiency & Transparency – Improving Business Performance & Increasing your Agility

  • Quickly adapt to changing business requirements
  • Reduce maintenance, simplify migrations and expedite troubleshooting
  • Automate manual tasks leveraging built-in robotics and out-of-the-box intelligence

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