EPM Automate

What is it and why should I use it?

EPM Automate is a command line utility for Oracle EPM Cloud applications, like EPBCS, FCCS, ARCS, EDMCS etc. Therefore, it is an easy option to create simple automation scripts. After installing the utility and configuring a parameter file for the environment, users can write scripts to perform administration and processing tasks. Not only does automation reduce the amount of manual tasks, but it also results in repeatable processes and therefore increases confidence in the application.

Here are some common automation tasks, separated by category:

  • Data Management: importing/exporting data, metadata and mappings, updating variables
  • Business Logic: running Business Rules and Data Management processes
  • Administration: managing files and snapshots, refresh cube, switching to admin mode, reset service
  • Security: managing users and groups, creating audit reports

Now that you have an idea what you can automate with Oracle’s EPM Cloud automation utility, it’s time to see first hand how you can leverage this tool. Not only will this allow you to create scripts that will perform the manual tasks you would need to take care of yourself, but it will also allow you to focus on the more important tasks.

Getting Started with EPM Automate

The first hurdle is the highest. Therefore we put together some links with useful information to learn how to automate in no time:

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Become an EPM Automate Expert

EPM Automate for PBCS: The Definite Starter Guide

25 pages with everything you need to know to get started with EPM Automate, including:

  • How to install the EPM Automate tool
  • The most common commands
  • Code examples
  • Screenshots
  • Troubleshooting guidelines
  • And more!

ICE Cloud Community Edition

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